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Melaka The Guide E-book

Melaka The Guide E-Book

Melaka should not be missed if you are travelling to Malaysia. Melaka The Guide, first published in August 2013, is a free travel guidebook providing information that covers the historic city of Melaka. This guidebook comprises travel tips, places to visit, accommodations, available transportation, restaurants and cafes, sightseeing, nightlife, and other activities; all to give adventurers the best experience of Melaka.

Its rich history traceable up to the late 14th century, beginning from its modest origins as a seaside town to its rise to power under the Sultanate of Melaka. Apart from Malays, Chinese and Indians, you will also be exposed to the Baba and Nyonya, Chitty and Portugese races which came about when Chinese and Portuguese traders visited Melaka for business purposes and eventually took local women as wives. Download our e-book now to plan ahead on your next adventure to Melaka by going to our e-book section or by scanning the QR code down below.

Travel Guide In Your Palm

Available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Melaka The Guide app is a free travel guide app created to ensure easier travelling for both international and domestic travellers. The historic city of Melaka is blessed with numerous beautiful scenery for travellers to witness such as the famous A Famosa Fort, their vigorous nightlife, along with many instagrammable cafes that will surely give you the aesthetic you need for your social media feeds.

We have carefully curated each section of the app in order to provide travellers with all of the information they need to explore the historic city of Melaka with ease. So don’t hold back and download our app now. With it being available on your smartphones, information is readily available with you at all times and you don’t have to carry heavy books with you.

Melaka The Guide App