Spa & massage

Whenever you're travelling to a city, you'd be interested in finding out about theme parks, places to explore and activities. When you're tired of exploring new locations, you'd need a place where you can unwind those tensed muscles. There's almost everything for tourists in Melaka, and that includes some of the best spas.

Tea Tree Spa

After walking around the quaint streets of Melaka, it is possible for your feet and body to feel sore. Rejuvenate and relax at the Tea Tree Spa. With highly qualified masseuses and spa therapists, their talented fingers will be sure to loosen the stiff nerve endings. This Balinese-inspired spa offers a variety of services ranging professional services including manicures, pedicures, massages and more

Dnias Beauty Spa

Dnias Beauty Spa specialises in traditional Malay massage and facial. Traditional Malay massage involves long, careful strokes that are firm, yet gentle. Pressure is carefully applied to key parts of the body. It's all about a slow, natural progression of stretching and kneading that stimulates the nerves and improves circulation. All their products are Halal certified.

Scents & Senses - A Touch of Thai

Craving for a Thai Massage, while you’re in Melaka? Fret not, Scents and Senses is here to fix your craving. They offer a range of spa packages designed to relax, realign and re-energise. Among their services are; traditional Thai treatment, Thai aroma oil treatment, herbal healing, healing stone wellness, specialised massage, the true senses of Thai spa and foot reflexology.

Sutra Maya Spa

We know the benefits of traditional and Balinese massages and are also aware of how relaxing it can be. Now, imagine receiving both massages at one go. How, you ask? Sutra Maya Spa has the answer to that. Their concept is a fusion of traditional Malay archipelago and Bali. All their treatments use all-natural ingredients such as spices, herbs, and flowers.