Melaka’s is a melting pot of cultures. Its cultural diversity dates back to more than six centuries. We can see the various ethnics; Malay, Chinese, Indian, Baba and Nyonya, Portuguese, Chitty and Eurasian people live in harmony amongst each another. Where can you experience various cultures? Read on to find out.

Portuguese Settlement

The settlement was developed in 1931 with the assistance of the British. After the Dutch defeated the Portuguese with the aid of the Malay army from Johor, the surviving Portuguese people were allowed to stay in Melaka. The Portuguese people managed to survive without relying on anyone for almost 300 years until 1931.

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

The Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum is situated in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Melaka. The house is a composite of three terrace lots purchased by the Chan family in 1861. Four generations have lived in the house until the museum opened in March 1985.

Aborigines Museum

Originally, the museum building was situated within the Ayer Keroh Recreational Forest. It was then transferred to its present location along the Ayer Keroh Highway in December 1996 and was operated by the Melaka Museum Company. The museum was re-opened on 3 February 1997.

Chitti Museum

The Chitty Museum is a cultural museum in Kampung Gajah Berang, Malacca. It displays the history, customs, culture and religion of the Chitty people. The Chitty, also written by Chetti, is the Hindu Peranakan community.