Eating In Melaka

Due to its amalgamation of races and cultures, Melaka’s cuisine is heavily influenced by it. From the way of preparing a dish to the types of spices and herbs used; food in Melaka tastes differently from food from the other states in Malaysia. Here are the MUST try dishes in Melaka:

Assam Laksa

Assam Laksa is a popular Malaysian fish-based sour noodle soup. It is one of the many varieties of laksa, popular noodle soups in South East Asia. In the course of history, the dish developed into assam laksa that we know today. Regardless of its origin, it's one of the most popular street dishes found in the city, and a favourite with locals and tourists alike.

Chicken Rice Balls

Apart from Assam Laksa and Portuguese food, the chicken rice ball is one of the most revered food in Melaka. Packed in wooden containers, the rice was said to have not lost its warmth or taste when moulded into these balls. It's essentially taking the fragrant chicken rice you know and you love and shape the rice into small little golf ball sizes.

Sago Gula Melaka

Sago gula Melaka is a dessert made from sago (a starch derived from various palm stems) and gula Melaka (a palm sugar syrup). This dessert is a favourite among Malaysians.

Satay Celup

Satay celup is a traditional Malaysian dish, particularly popular in the Malacca state. It is a self-serve dish, consisting of skewers of marinated meat, raw seafood, or even vegetables. The skewers can range from fishballs, shrimps, crabsticks, chicken, pork ball, quail egg, mushrooms and fried beancurd. The satay is later dunked into a simmering pot of satay sauce.

Peranakan (Nyonya Cuisine)

Named after the local Peranakan people and incorporating a mixture of some of the finest Chinese and Malayan dishes, Nyonya cuisine is a cultural experience as well as a paradise ride for your taste buds. Malacca is the birthplace of the Peranakan people, so nowhere else on earth can tourists get the most legendary peranakan food.

Roti Canai Kayu Arang

What is Roti Canai Kayu Arang? Well, it is dough is the same as most roti canai- but the method of cooking is what makes this roti canai stand out from the rest. The roti canai kayu arang, is cooked above a stove of charcoal which makes it crispier and flaky compared to the common roti canai.