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About Us

Melaka The Guide is a free yearly travel guidebook encompassing The Historic City of Melaka. First published in August 2013, we help travellers to navigate and make plans around the city with ease. The guidebook encompasses travel tips, places to visit, hotels, transportation, places to eat, sightseeing, shopping, nightlife and other things to do.

If you are travelling to Malaysia, Melaka should not be missed. This state is home to history traceable up to the late 14th century beginning from its modest origins as a seaside town and emerging to power under the Sultanate of Melaka.

Melaka is a melting pot of cultures, apart from Malays, Chinese and Indians you will be also exposed to the Baba and Nyonya, Chitty and Portuguese races which came about when Chinese and Portuguese traders came to Melaka for business and eventually took local women as wives.

The guidebook is not only designed for tourists from abroad, but also for locals. It is natural for people to equate the famous A Famosa Fort with the Dutch Square when it comes to Melaka. But visiting this city is beyond that; it is rich in history, culture and food.

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