Malacca's nightlife

Malacca's nightlife is packed with bars, pubs and clubs offering a range of music performances. From vintage pubs in Jonker Street to sleek and colourful clubs in the city centre, Malacca has plenty of options for tourists.

Hard Rock Café, Melaka

Located on the picturesque site of the Malacca River, the café always sees a queue of excited diners and music lovers queuing at the entrance, so we encourage you to come before 9:00 p.m. if you're looking to listen to the live band whilst enjoying your meal

Eleven Bistro & Restaurant

Located in Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, the quiet and cosy scenery of The Baboon House contrasts with the busy lanes of Jonker Street. With a calming open-air courtyard, spacious seating and trendy furnishings, every corner looks spot on. As you indulge yourself in the ambience of the Baboon Building, take a bite of their selection of juicy burgers and other scrumptious Western dishes.

Reggae on the River

Drinks, of course, and luckily, drinks served at Reggae on the River would not harm your pocket, since they are moderately priced and offer a wide range of choices. The music varies from classics to contemporary reggae, and while you could feel like you've just been transported to Jamaica, the smooth flow of the Malacca River and the vibrant talk of its patrons always remind you of where you are.

Bistro Year 1673

Bistro Year 1673 has an open-air patio, vintage furniture and an aura that exudes an old world charm, making it a cosy spot for tourists to enjoy some light music and cultural entertainment. This Bistro is housed in a two-storey Dutch historic building. A live band plays at the bistro every night from 8.00 pm onwards.

90s Café and Pub

The 90s Café and Pub is located along Lorong Hang Jebat in the Jonker Street area. It also features an outdoor riverside view. They play music here all night long.This presents the perfect spot for people looking to just chill and enjoy the night away with a nice drink in one hand and some finger food in another. Prices are still very affordable, making this place much more worthwhile.