Getting around Melaka

Melaka is a very interesting historic city, with so many historic sites, cultures and delicious food. No matter how curious or eager you might be, this state will satisfy your whims-you won't be disappointed!

Walk Your Way

If you're travelling alone, as a couple or in a group, the best way to get around Melaka is by foot. The best part about Melaka is almost 70% of the main attractions within a 1 km radius, so you're not going to break a sweat. It's also a nice free way to burn calories without getting too drained.

Cycle Your Way

Cycling is the best way to get from location to another quickly and easily, especially around tourist hotspots like Jonker Street and around Porte De Santiago. Feel the wind flowing through your hair as you bike, paddling through small back lanes where you can come across unusual discoveries such as random galleries, antique shops, quaint little bars, temples, murals, charming old buildings, and many more. Rental bikes normally start at about RM 5 for half a day and RM7 for the whole day. Bikes are easy enough to use, as you can park them practically anywhere you consider appropriate, complete with locks and a cute little basket to hold your bags

Cruise Your Way

When you hit the Melaka River, try looking for Muara Jetty, which is next to the Quayside Heritage Centre. This is where the adventure of a river cruise begins. A 45-minute sightseeing tour will take you past historic buildings, old warehouses and graffiti art on the buildings. Melaka River Cruise is one of the best ways to see the beauty of the city. If you didn't get enough of the view of the water, choose a restaurant by the water and see how the landscape changes as the sky turn dark.

Trishaw Your Way

A trishaw is an unusual transport within Melaka. It's a little vehicle with a pedal and three wheels. You will find them at the Dutch Square. You'll be amazed to see all the vibrant trishaws adorned with flowers, dolls, flags and lights. In the old days, trishaws were used as one of the major public transport modes by residents of Melaka. As you pass a landmark while riding a trishaw, the rider will serve as a guide and give you all the information you need about the landmark you see.

Drive Your Way (taxi or personal car)

No doubt a car is the fastest way to explore Melaka. For those who want to explore Melaka outside the prime city area, rent a car and drive around Melaka.